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What’s New in the LLamasoft Supply Chain Design Platform

What's New in the LLamasoft Supply Chain Design Platform

Hear from LLamasoft product managers to learn how you can utilize these new capabilities to better solve your clients’ business problems:

  • Cost-to-serve analysis to analyze end-to-end cost for each product-customer combination
  • Improved conversion process to upgrade models from Supply Chain Guru V8 to Supply Chain Guru X
  • Launchpad updates to more easily find and understand warnings or errors during model solve
  • Enhanced data validation to quickly find issues in your input data
  • Several technology updates including TO Dock Doors and SSO Economic Order Quantity calculations
  • Use advanced analytics techniques to find customer clusters in your network and leverage improvements in allocation and disaggregation actions to model your supply chain at different aggregation levels
  • Up to 60% performance improvements in solve time and enhanced lifecycle modeling support in Demand Guru

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