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Trip Report: Planning by Design Pre-Launch Event

By Jennifer Randall  November 1, 2017

How do you empower the supply chain planners of the future to make better decisions? This was the focus of the October 24th pre-launch event for LLamasoft Planning by Design in Birmingham, United Kingdom. The event invited early adopters and leaders from global customers to hear insights and observations on the planning market from featured guest Tim Payne, Research Vice President at Gartner; share use cases and get a glimpse of early Planning by Design prototypes. Planning by Design offers a new approach to supply chain planning by enabling business users to easily design, deploy and maintain adaptable apps that address unresolved planning problems.

Today’s Planning Challenge—and Opportunities

The day kicked off with a discussion of current challenges and opportunities in the planning market, with two themes at the forefront: in order to increase in maturity, planners need to add value to the business and make better decisions. However, often their current planning systems are rigid, impeding rapid response to changing business conditions; they were built to solve old planning problems—not the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Planners who have access to advanced analytics in an easy-to-use interface will have the ability to make better decisions, faster. With Planning by Design, instead of molding their business processes to their planning software, business users can rapidly create tailored apps that utilize the LLamasoft analytics library to solve tricky planning problems, and automate updates in order to free up time to work at the top of their skill set. Furthermore, the model that underpins the app can also be used for strategic supply chain design—meaning a unified data and analytics foundation for decision making across any time horizon.

How Is Planning by Design being Used Today?

There are over 50 businesses already doing Planning by Design by transitioning strategic long-term models to a tactical planning environment with much shorter—weekly—time horizons, to address problems such as manufacturing and distribution capacity planning, S&OP support, transportation asset planning, and many more. A key point brought up by one attendee was that, “Unlike many other planning applications that modularize solutions, Planning by Design is a platform to build apps for virtually any planning problem—the list is really limited only by your imagination.”

According to another attendee, “One of the biggest appeals of Planning by Design apps is that you have the tools for continuous improvement; to quickly adapt to whatever comes our way.”

Hear a Planning by Design Case Study

Hungry for more details? Register for our November 28/11 a.m. ET webinar to hear how LLamasoft customers are building apps to enable their planners to make better decisions.