Transportation Optimization with Supply Chain Guru

Video Transcript

With volatile fuel costs and driver shortages transportation costs are a significant portion of total supply chain spend.

With the complexity and volume of data in your transportation network, how can you be sure you’re not spending more than you need to? How do you make your transportation network as efficient as possible, while still maintaining service levels?

LLamasoft Supply Chain Guru is the only supply chain design solution with integrated transportation optimization.

That means you can design your optimal manufacturing and distribution network, AND design the best transportation network to get your products where they need to go. Using Supply Chain Guru, you can create a digital model of your transportation network.

Use the model to baseline existing routing strategies, and test how changes to your network would affect costs and service levels by incorporating key variables such as cost, time, capacity and delivery parameters.

Transportation optimization allows you to design transportation routes that minimize costs of multi-stop routes and determine mode selection to evaluate LTL/truckload tradeoffs.

This creates the optimal strategic plan to set inventory levels, schedule production and define distribution routing.

Using transportation optimization, you can achieve significant and tangible business benefits by identifying efficient operation strategies to lower costs and improve service times.

Supply Chain Guru gives you ready access to an up-to-date model of your supply chain.

This modeling framework enables you to include alternate sources, routes, transportation modes, or production processes that may be required to meet your desired services levels.

Stop wondering if your transportation network is as effective as it could be.

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