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Time for a Tune-Up? Check out LLamasoft’s Expanded Training Offerings

By Ben Coffman  November 11, 2015

At LLamasoft we strive to make our tools intuitive and easy-to-use. However, the work that supply chain modelers do is incredibly complex which is why product training is required for all designers to learn basic model building and analysis skills. However, the benefits of training don’t end after your first course. We also offer advanced training that enables designers to unlock the full potential of the software, the supply chain and their career. We’re excited to announce new expanded training and coaching offerings with LLamasoft!

We are constantly re-evaluating our training offerings to meet the needs of our customer base. When new customers get started with LLamasoft, introductory courses are necessary to jump-start success. However, we often get so busy in our careers with so many projects on the table that it’s hard to take the time to assess our current skills and take action to improve and foster career advancement.  By taking training, users can:

  • Gain exposure to the wide capabilities of the LLamasoft design platform and demystify how problems are optimized and simulated
  • Learn which technologies to apply to best solve business problems and improve solution quality
  • Reduce the time to solve problems by learning best practices and avoiding common pitfalls
  • Get the most out of the software in order to recommend impactful, data-backed business improvements
  • Continuously develop design skills to accelerate career advancement
Our annual conference, SummerCon, offers tons of training opportunities as well. Learn more at www.summercon.com.

Our annual conference, SummerCon, offers tons of training opportunities as well. Learn more at www.summercon.com.


But training isn’t the complete picture. Following formal training, it’s time to begin a project to answer a business question and demonstrate value that far exceeds the initial investment in software and services. It can often be overwhelming figuring out where and how to start. LLamasoft recommends project coaching for new designers embarking on their first project or when utilizing new modeling technologies for the first time. LLamasoft can deploy an individual or team of supply chain design experts to coach, teach and mentor the organization through the project—from goal-setting to presenting results.

LLamasoft coaching enables businesses to:

  • Build internal capability and sustainability for supply chain design
  • Minimize project risk by leveraging supply chain design experts
  • Minimize consulting fees as LLamasoft bills only for hours used

We’re proud of the value our training and coaching offerings provide to our customers to help them succeed. So far in 2015 over 600 customers have completed at least one, if not several, training courses with the LLamasoft team. And we are always looking for more feedback, to expand and improve our offerings to meet customer needs.

With dozens of courses offered worldwide there are many ways to kick-off your next supply chain design initiative. Check out upcoming courses with LLamasoft, then set up time with the Customer Success team to design a coaching and action plan.