On-Demand Webinar

LLamasoft and Talking Logistics:
“A New Approach to Supply Chain Planning: Planning by Design”

Supply chain planning systems are an absolute must-have for any organization of size, but these systems can be rigid, cost-prohibitive, difficult to implement and only address portions of the landscape of planning problems. To overcome these limitations, some organizations have relied upon teams of data scientists and mathematicians to develop complex work-arounds. But these solutions aren’t scalable, don’t foster collaboration and are time-consuming to implement. That’s why many of the world’s leading organization are turning to a new approach that’s enables rapid and customized solutions for better, smarter supply chain planning decision making: Planning by Design.

View this on-demand webcast with Adrian Gonzalez, President of Adelante SCM and Founder of Talking Logistics and Allison Fowler, Senior Director of Planning by Design to learn:

  1. More about the limitations in the current supply chain planning landscape
  2. How the lines of supply chain design and planning are being blurred and the impact it’s having on organizational technology needs
  3. How organizations are solving complex supply chain planning problems with the use of design technology
  4. How organizations are being empowered to build customized apps to address their unique business challenges

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