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Supply Chain Superhero Status

By Allison Fowler  July 12, 2018

This was my sixth SummerCon and each year there is no shortage of key learnings. Over the past few weeks I’ve had a chance to speak with attendees and llamas and hear their experiences from SummerCon.

On Wednesday of the conference, our co-founder, Toby Brzoznowski, presented on LLamasoft’s Product Roadmap. As a company, it was exciting to share where LLamasoft is headed, but most importantly, it was exciting for our customers because we are setting you up to support the entire end-to-end supply chain design and decision-making process. The timing of the Product Roadmap discussion aligned well with the session that myself and colleague, Vikram Srinivasan, led the next day, “Steps You Can Take Now to Extend Your Reach in Supply Chain Design”. The theme of the session was supply chain superheroes, because Supply Chain Designers ARE superheroes that consistently deliver an enormous amount of value to their companies (as evidenced by our Benefit Benchmarking results here). We discussed ways you can prevent the challenges (or villains!) from getting in the way of saving the day for your companies. As you think about your journey, I wanted to share a few key takeaways I heard from your fellow supply chain superheroes that attended this session:

  • We must break down siloes. The way to do that is through involving key stakeholders and decision makers across your company in your Supply Chain Design process and technology. Break down the barriers, promote cross-functional interactivity, and pave the way to establishing a Supply Chain Center of Excellence if this doesn’t already exist in your organization. LLamasoft offers the App Studio as a tool to promote this interactivity, allowing visibility to span roles and functions leading to faster and more accurate decision making.
  • Integration and data governance are table stakes. Data is a challenge for everyone no matter the size of company. Establish a process to set that data up and stage it to create repeatable processes and build in data governance. LLamasoft’s data management capability gives you the ability to manage your data across all five of the data handling processes: sourcing, validating, model building, analyzing and publishing. It also provides an extensive data storage layer (Supply Chain Intelligence Database) that helps centrally store all your data needed for modeling and creating apps along with out-of-box visualization of this data to help drive business insight for your company.
  • Senior leadership buy-in is essential. You need an internal champion supporting the game-changing decisions that come from your Supply Chain Design work. Credibility and trust must be established early across business groups to drive awareness of the process, technology, and how results will be implemented to deliver massive savings. LLamasoft has worked with hundreds of companies to help drive this message from the top down, in fact, that’s why we developed the DECODE methodology because it brings all this full circle: people, process, technology, and strategy.

Remember no one becomes a supply chain superhero overnight, you must evolve. LLamasoft is with you every step of your evolution journey, and always coming up with new innovative ways to fight those villains! We are actively recruiting for our early adopter program—a chance for you to experience a new technology and provide feedback that will directly shape our product. We encourage you to sign up for a DECODE workshop and learn how we can help you prepare your people, process, technology and strategy to get you to the next level of supply chain superhero status.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to me with questions. Looking forward to seeing you at SummerCon 2019 in the Windy City!