Supply Chain Guru Key Technology Differentiators

Developed and supported by the largest organization dedicated to supply chain design, LLamasoft® Supply Chain Guru® was created to directly impact user productivity, quality of analysis and the long-term sustainability of modeling and design in your organization.

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Supply Chain Guru Key Technology Differentiators

Supply Chain Analysis Algorithms & Techniques

Supply Chain Guru is the only supply chain design application that integrates all of the following supply chain optimization and analysis algorithms into a single tool, with a unified database and user-interface. With a single dataset and interface, it supports an iterative, end-to-end modeling cycle for continuous improvement of the supply chain.

Network Optimization

  • Model building is easier in Supply Chain Guru than with other solutions. Its nonproprietary database can be accessed in Microsoft® Access™ or Microsoft® SQL Server™, and users can create models using actual product and site names rather than using an application generated IDs
  • Scenario Manager allows users to test multiple what ifs and sensitivities quickly, without the need for copying, pasting and building several models individually.Updates are painless since only a single dataset needs to be refreshed. Make comparisons between scenarios easily from a single dataset that houses all scenario outputs
  • Custom constraints provide the flexibility to adjust the solver to the algorithm needed for key behaviors such as product flow, facility capacity, inventory, transportation and production
  • Input pipes keep dynamic external model data fresh by allowing users to take complex data such as transportation costs for source/destination/products or product/plant production costs and create automated links into Supply Chain Guru, without the need for re-creating the tables
  • Included advanced Geographic Information System (GIS) capabilities allows users to map, geocode, route and solve for distance and transit time globally, with support for local languages
  • Built-in supply chain visualization reports and mapping overlays such as service area and risk metrics can reduce the time it takes to understand complex information
  • Step functions allow users to easily model different configurations for supply chain elements such as facilities, work centers and transportation assets
  • Can include multi-time period analysis for use in both long-term capital planning (yearly, five year, etc.) and short term tactical planning (monthly, weekly, etc.)
  • Auto-decomposition enables solving of more detailed and complex network optimization models, and with faster solve times

Multi-Echelon Inventory Optimization

  • “Guaranteed service” algorithms for determining optimal safety stock levels and placement
  • Segment key product attributes including velocity, margin, demand variability, demand quantity, cost, lead time, etc.
  • The demand analysis algorithm analyzes and classifies demand patterns and recommends right-sized end-to-end stocking levels and ordering strategies
  • Accurate customer demand information propagated to all upstream nodes considering correlation of customer buying patterns and replenishment frequencies of upstream nodes
  • Test and validate inventory optimization results using enterprise simulation
  • Service level optimization helps identify the right service level mix by minimizing costs or maximizing profit in order to meet organization’s business goals including budget constraints

Inventory Guru graph showing demand profiles

Multi-Objective Optimization

  • Integrated tool within LLamasoft Supply Chain Guru that allows users to quickly view the trade-offs between multiple competing objectives in order to select the best solution
  • Quickly presents an automated, big-picture view of possible choices, enabling users to optimize the supply chain with a broad view of business goals
  • Automates the analysis of trade-offs across 19 available objectives

Select the best points on the curve for full scenario analysis

Sequential Objective Optimization

  • Enables prioritization of objectives by solving for multiple objectives in sequence, with the first objective having highest priority
  • Allows users to explore how sensitive a solution is to any given hard constraint by converting it into a soft constraint

Product Flowpath Optimization

  • SKU-level MIP/LP optimization solver that scales to handle all products in the supply chain
  • Can trade off multiple transportation modes, replenishment frequencies, inventory holding costs, and cycle stock to determine a lowest “total landed cost” per product
  • Includes multi time periods to determine flow changes based on seasonality or capacity constraints

Greenfield Analysis

  • Determines optimal locations for new plants and distribution facilities
  • Choose center-of-gravity or service-based greenfield optimization to identify minimum number of facilities required to meet demand while considering center-of-gravity demand weighted calculations or percent of customers or demand serviced within a certain distance
  • Can consider existing as well as new facilities in a single greenfield model


Discrete Event Simulation

  • LLamasoft’s integrated discrete event simulation engine is easier to use and more powerful than standard simulation engines and is part of the standard LLamasoft supply chain design workflow
  • Enables users to take existing Supply Chain Guru models and test them under the stress of real-world day-to-day variability such as transportation delays, production lead times and demand variability
  • Incorporates probability distributions for all key time, cost and quantity variables
  • Handles hundreds to thousands of SKUs and annual demand records
  • Useful for testing network and inventory optimization outputs and for supply chain risk management planning and prediction
  • Simplified Python scripting for faster solve times

Use simulation to introduce business logic and lead time and demand variability

Production Modeling

  • Works with network optimization to right-size production footprint and optimize production capacities across the supply chain
  • Modeling of all production related data structures such as work centers, work resources, production processes, bill of materials and related production rates, costs and yields
  • Balancing of production capacities globally and within each facility
  • Perfect architecture to create what ifs for forecast versions
  • Platform for optimizing both production capability and capacity at a detail level
  • Optimize for maximum utilization or highest margin (max profit)
  • Supports S&OP modeling for near-term realignments

Facility volumes and demand

Transportation Optimization

  • Minimize cost, miles and time, using your company’s rate structure
  • Right-size your vehicle fleet and determine which vehicle types minimize overall transportation costs
  • Identify optimal mode mix
  • Identify trade-offs between multi-stop routes and direct shipping via LTL or parcel
  • Evaluate hub and zone skipping opportunities: determine whether customer deliveries should route through a hub from a distribution center or shipped direct

Backhaul optimization identifies the most efficient inbound pick-ups following the last delivery of an outbound route SaaS-Based Design Platform is a SaaS-based supply chain design platform that elevates desktop modeling to a Web environment to take advantage of on-demand solving power and allow for collaborative modeling, rolebased modeling tools for planners and viewing ability for executives and other stakeholders. Elevating supply chain design to the Web enables:

  • Collaboration—including others in the business in the design process
  • Knowledge Management—centralized maintenance of all data and information for modeling
  • Scalability—on-demand processing power, reduces IT infrastructure expense and integrates with LLamasoft’s full supply chain design platform
  • Mobility—access to models and analysis from any device or browser


Data Integration, Data Editing, & Error Checking
Supply Chain Guru leads all other supply chain network design tool in the area of data integration, editing and error checking, which leads to improved modeling speed and accuracy. Centralized project documentation captures all meeting notes, raw data and other important contextual information related to each project and model in one central location for easy access and archiving.

  • Automated MS Excel import/export
  • Real-time connection to external data sources via input pipes
  • Automated demand sampling tool enables more accurate safety stock optimization using historical information combined with forecast data
  • Data Services offers reference and benchmark data to reduce model building time and validate inputs and outputs
  • Integrated with Data Guru, which simplifies the transformation of model data and creates documented, repeatable, time-saving workflows
  • Data filtering and batch editing
  • Scenario generation utilities
  • Error checking
  • Data verification and error handling utilities
  • Automatic infeasibility diagnosis option identifies constraint violations and eliminates infeasible models to reduce modeling time and time-toanswer

Service area mapping precisely displays service distance to various geographic regions

Visualization and Reporting Tools

Supply Chain Guru provides a significantly improved user experience with regards to data visualization and reporting, leading to faster and more reliable analysis and communication of results. It is also the only tool that includes a “Visual Modeler” that enables rapid model building and editing directly on a user canvas.

Visual Modeling

  • Flowchart views of supply chain operations
  • Ability to edit or “draw” the model with changes incorporated directly into the model database
  • Ability to visualize the network optimization outputs in a flowchart layout

Geographic Information System (GIS) Mapping

  • Global geo-coding capabilities
  • Global road distance and transit time calculations
  • Global satellite images or map views with configurable layers for risk indices, service areas, etc.
  • Includes 11 standard baseline maps, including satellite images, topographical, street level and terrain maps, as well as user-importable baseline maps
  • Supply Chain Guru supports mapping using Google, Esri, Bing, PC*MILER, Baidu, HERE, PTV Map&Guide and nearly any other GIS or mapping

Scenario Generation and Reporting

  • Ability to create multiple scenarios within a single model database
  • Ability to adjust any combination of key cost or model element to do sensitivity analysis
  • Ability to do easy side-by-side reporting of all different modeling scenarios
  • Update models with a single data refresh rather than refreshing all previous scenarios
  • Communicate ideas and what ifs via explicitly defined changes to the baseline in Scenario Manager

Pre-Configured Graphs and Reporting
Supply Chain guru includes five reporting metrics (logistics, financial, risk, sustainability and service) for each of the reporting areas below:

  • Rolled up financials
  • Production details
  • Transportation details
  • Product landed costs
  • Facility costs
  • Inventory details

Ad-hoc Reporting

  • Configurable charts and graphs with access to all cost data
  • Ability to name and save “favorite” reports
  • Ability to publish reports to external Microsoft applications
  • Tabular reports allow users to create pivot tables to auto repopulate data within a model

Integration with Third-Party Reporting Packages

  • Ability to connect and push data to external data packages such as Tableau, Visokio and Google Earth
  • Open database for direct reporting on raw data

Continuous Product Development & Innovation

LLamasoft has a 100 percent focus on supply chain optimization, resulting in better one-on-one support, increased speed of innovation, and an overall knowledge of supply chain design best practices. LLamasoft invests greater than 30 percent of annual revenue in research and development, and typically introduces one major upgrade and two interim releases each year.

Professional Services
LLamasoft’s professional services team offers a full range of hosted supply chain design services, including:

  • Project Coverage: LLamasoft provides software and staffing to complete a high-priority project
  • Quick-start Team Building: For businesses that own a license but need help establishing a team and roadmap
  • Long-term Staffing: LLamasoft provides the perfect level of staffing to answer your critical supply chain questions—for as long as you need us
  • Analytics and Model Maintenance: For businesses that have a model built but need help with ongoing data updates and analytics

Customer Success Managers
LLamasoft established a customer success manager (CSM) program to help every customer and partner achieve success in their supply chain design initiatives. As we expand our product and services offerings and available partnerships, this role ensures that each customer receives the right level of engagement from LLamasoft, and it enables us to build stronger partnerships with our customers.

LLamasoft training facilities around the world feature expert-led product training courses as well as instruction in strategic supply chain modeling techniques and methodologies. It’s the perfect setting for coursework, networking with peers, learning from industry experts and meeting members of the LLamasoft team. In addition to classroom instruction, LLamasoft can also deliver any course on site at the customer’s own facility and also offers e-learning options. Visit for full course listing.

User Support

  • LLamasoft has a large, well-trained support staff
  • LLamasoft provides the self-service customer support website for all users
  • Monthly customer support webinars highlight product updates and tips and tricks
  • LLamasoft SummerCon is recognized as THE industry event for supply chain design and attended by hundreds of leading supply chain organizations each year

Product Development

  • Forty percent of LLamasoft employees are solutions and development focused, making our customers’ success top priority
  • LLamasoft has a large, dedicated development staff of both software developers and applied research (AR) scientists
  • LLamasoft maintains and delivers on an aggressive product development roadmap
  • LLamasoft can deliver custom product features and functions on-demand

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