Supply Chain Guru Inventory Optimization

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“LLamasoft makes inventory optimization modeling tremendously easier than with our previous solution. We saw a big improvement in process time, execution time and quality of demand analysis.”

– Chemical company global demand manager

Supply Chain Guru Inventory Optimization at a Glance

Supply Chain Guru enables you to model supply chain network operations and then run inventory policy experiments and optimization scenarios to build dependable, repeatable inventory optimization processes.


  • Integrate network design and inventory optimization
  • Right sizes inventory and its placement by simultaneously considering all tiers of the supply chain
  • Identify optimal service level mix to meet budget or service goals
  • Determine inventory needs holistically across cycle stock, safety stock, in-transit inventory, WIP and prebuild

With all of the inventory optimization solutions available, why are you still struggling with either too much inventory or stock-outs? You may be lacking a dependable way to determine inventory levels and placement, and with no low-risk way to test inventory policy changes, you’re stuck manually readjusting inventory targets to try to meet customer service expectations.

LLamasoft Supply Chain Guru inventory optimization solves this problem by simultaneously  optimizing inventory across all tiers of the supply chain. You can answer holistic supply chain design questions considering the impact on various types of inventory, in order to build and test dependable, repeatable inventory optimization processes across multiple what-if scenarios. By better understanding consumer demand and service level mix, you can identify the right safety stock targets across all tiers of your supply chain and meet customer and company goals.

Unlike Other Inventory Optimization Solutions, Supply Chain Guru Offers:

  • Integrated network design and inventory optimization to allow you to move directly from network optimization to inventory optimization using a single data set so you can start considering all types of inventory as part of your supply chain network design and landed cost analysis
  • Production and inventory policy development to identify optimal stocking strategies, policies and postponement strategies across echelons
  • Demand analysis and classification that automatically detects and classifies normal and non-normal demand up to 10 categories to provide accurate safety stock recommendations
  • Multi-echelon inventory optimization that considers network lead times, replenishment frequencies, demand and supply variability, and service levels while simultaneously optimizing inventory targets across all items, echelons, and locations to meet global service level objectives and create repeatable inventory optimization processes
  • Scenario analysis and simulation to compare and test multiple potential inventory changes in a low-risk digital environment. Cloud-based optimization allows for even faster time-to-answer and greater collaboration with planners and other stakeholders
  • Service level optimization to help you identify the right service level mix for finished goods inventory based on objectives such as minimizing costs or maximizing profit/revenue

Benefits of Testing Inventory Strategies in a Low-Risk Environment


You may be wary of the optimal levels of inventory proposed by supply chain technologies. Why not validate operational feasibility of inventory strategy in a no-risk, digital environment? Simulation also provides detailed visibility of supply chain performance on a detailed daily/weekly/monthly view.

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