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Supply Chain Guru Cloud Solver

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Extend Supply Chain Guru desktop to the cloud to solve large models more quickly and run up to 100 simultaneous scenarios
As supply chain models grow in size, complexity and number of scenarios, running them on a standard desktop computer can be painfully slow. In addition, the frequency and complexity of ‘what-if’ analyses often increases dramatically along with your design team and its scope—meaning models may go from one or two scenarios to tens or hundreds. Each of these scenarios can take from minutes to hours to complete. On a standard laptop, these scenarios will process one at a time until they are completed.

By adding cloud solving capability to Supply Chain Guru, you can solve large models more quickly and run up to 100 simultaneous scenarios.

Computer hardware can also play a role in model run times. Having best-in-class hardware to process your models can dramatically reduce the time it takes to process a model, although this is highly dependent on your specific model.
* Specifications represent an example hardware setup for Supply Chain Guru Cloud Solver
**Larger Servers up to 32 Core and 244 GB RAM are also available. Contact your sales representative for more information.

Supply Chain Guru Cloud Solver is a great way to scale your supply chain design practice across all of LLamasoft’s design engines, including:

  • Network Optimization
  • Greenfield Optimization
  • Inventory Optimization
  • Simulation
  • Transportation Optimization
  • Infeasibility Diagnosis

Cloud Security

In recognition of the sensitive nature of data involved in supply chain design, LLamasoft takes security very seriously and has put in place the following security measures:

  1. Encryption: The data transfer method employs a secure, encrypted tunnel. Upon completion, the results are returned to the desktop (via the same secure method).
  2. Data Persistence: Model data is transferred to Supply Chain Guru Cloud Solver for processing. After processing is complete and results have been downloaded, model data is immediately deleted from the Cloud Servers.
  3. Secure Access: Customer access points, allow secure HTTP access (HTTPS) so that LLamasoft can establish secure communication sessions with our services using SSL (secure socket layer).
  4. Physical Security: The data center is currently hosted by Amazon Web Services, which provides highly secure data centers utilizing state-ofthe art electronic surveillance and multi-factor access control systems. Data centers are staffed 24×7 by trained security guards, and access is authorized strictly on a least privileged basis. Environmental systems are designed to minimize the impact of disruptions to operations.
  5. User Log-In: Each user has unique security credentials, eliminating the need for shared passwords or keys and allowing the security best practices of role separation and least privilege. allows for each customer to define password policies for their associates. These customer defined password policies enable customers to apply password complexity rules for their users that are in-line with their company’s information security requirements. Customer defined password policy options are:
    • Password expiration
    • Required password length
    • Required upper case characters
    • Required digits
    • Required non-alpha characters
    • Password regular expression
    • Password storage – stores all passwords as encrypted data
  6. Monitoring: Proactive system and network monitoring systems are in place to provide important security measures such as distributed denial of service (DDoS) protection and password brute-force detection on accounts.

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