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Supply Chain Design Toolkit, Powered by Data Guru

Even for experienced analysts, building a supply chain model from scratch can be daunting. Remove the guesswork with the new LLamasoft Supply Chain Design Toolkit Powered by Data Guru, your pre-built path for the modeling process.

The Supply Chain Design Toolkit Powered by Data Guru, simplifies and speeds supply chain design by providing out-of-the box tools that guide you through every step of the design process—providing instant value to both experienced analysts and novices.

Watch this webinar to learn how you can:

  • Reduce model building time by up to 50% by using preconfigured Data Guru workflows
  • Leverage the LLamasoft design framework as your guide through the model building process
  • Utilize Design Toolkit to implement a process that can be scaled across various stakeholder groups
  • Rapidly build key what-if scenarios and perform sensitivity analysis
  • Automatically diagnose and fix your Supply Chain Guru X models
  • Communicate insights from your model using preconfigured reports and dashboards

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