Supply Chain Design and Planning
for Aerospace and Defense

Rapidly and accurately answer tough supply chain what-if questions and generate effective and clear recommendations for decision support. LLamasoft is the differentiator that allows you to model entire supply chain networks, including alternate inventory and MRO options, and incorporate key variables such as cost, time, capacity and delivery parameters.

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Supply Chain Design and Planning for Aerospace and Defense

LLamasoft supply chain modeling and planning software work together to help your supply chain thrive despite unprecedented marketplace volatility

The aerospace and defense industry is affected by a changing business environment; shrinking budgets, changing acquisition models, globalization and increasing customer demand. The industry is faced with increased pressure to create sustainable results for equipment uptime while delivering improved financial performance to the bottom line.

Increased service issues, often a direct result of inefficient supply chains, has resulted in enormous cost overruns, delayed product rollouts and missed delivery dates. Many businesses have been forced to make serious adjustments in production which has affected the entire supplier network. You can’t control market volatility, but you can design a supply chain that enables a rapid and intelligent response.

DESIGN: Create Living Digital Models of the End-to-End Supply Chain for Continuous Improvement and Innovation

Supply chain design is now a must-have capability for businesses to keep up with the pace of change and to sustain a competitive advantage by significantly improving in the areas of cost, service and risk. The LLamasoft supply chain design platform enables you to model, optimize and simulate supply chain and inventory operations, leading to major improvements in cost, service, sustainability and risk mitigation.

  • LLamasoft modeling technology has enabled many of the world’s leading aerospace companies to leverage their supply chain design as a competitive advantage by enabling them to:
  • Reduce average project duration and cost
  • Increase resource utilization, number of projects and business value per project
  • Lower overall inventory and operating costs
  • Correctly price and win new and existing contracts business

PLANNING: Build and Manage a Dynamic Demand and Replenishment Plan

The LLamasoft planning solution helps you understand and predict demand and create strategies for critical products that have volatile demand, with the appropriate inventory as determined by constraints and risk of the supply chain.

Key LLamasoft planning solution benefits include:

  • Effective measurements are used as a key driver for success
  • Speedy, repeatable and reliable inventory health assessments
  • Insight through effective reporting and analysis
  • Increased visibility and analysis through a single repository of information
  • Proactive alerts best enable service level protection with the least impact to working capital
  • Audit logging, approval staging and reason codes
  • Appropriate and timely recommendations enable collaboration to drive benefit realization
  • Easy-to-use planning software helps users adapt to planning processes encourages ongoing improvement in demand management and inventory performance

Why Do Aerospace and Defense Companies Choose LLamasoft?

All-in-One Design Platform: The only network design application that integrates network, transportation, inventory, and simulation algorithms into a single tool to help aerospace companies manage the entire end-to-end supply chain.

Model Different Inventory Options: LLamasoft’s inventory and capacity modeling enables analysts to create accurate models across all echelons of the supply chain, so the lowest-cost operation plan with minimum safety stock can be identified. You can also simulate operations to predict service rates, inventory levels, and site capacity constraints for any hypothetical supply chain structure.

Analyze Cost-to-Serve: The LLamasoft platform is adept at modeling all supply chain activities and costs incurred to fulfill customer demand. Pricing, inventory quantities, and distribution methods can be analyzed and adjusted. Supply chain executives gain insight into the cost-to-serve and margin-to-serve at the customer-SKU level for both existing and alternative networks.

Automatic Scenario Generation: Powerful multiple scenario analysis within a single model database offers the ability to adjust any combination of key cost or model elements to do sensitivity analysis, simulate impact on the supply chain over time, and make the optimal decisions.

Cloud Solving and Collaboration Tools: On-demand cloud solving to offload large and complex solving problems and generate faster results. Web-based centralized maintenance of all model data and outputs for internal and client collaboration.

Demand Planning and Forecasting: Our planning application enables organizations to configure, manage and execute a dynamic, agile and responsive global demand and/or replenishment plan.

Product Development: LLamasoft invests greater than 30 percent of annual revenue in research and has the largest dedicated development staff of both software developers and operations research scientists in the industry. We stay ahead of the industry so we can stay ahead of your competition.

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