LLamasoft Supply Chain Design Getting Started Kit

From just getting started to learning how to begin your journey, this kit has everything you need to know to jump start all of your supply chain design efforts!

The modern supply chain is an increasingly complex network that often stretches across continents and supports numerous market segments. With this complexity, the impacts of change are harder to determine and the risks involved with being unprepared grow higher. How many millions of dollars are you wasting every year on sub-optimal supply chain decisions?

Supply chain design enables companies to create accurate models of their end-to-end operations to engineer a better plan and to explore how potential changes affect service, costs, sustainability and risk.  But how do you even begin to tackle such a huge task? To get you started on your supply chain design journey we’ve put together a three-part series that will take you from first learning what supply chain design is and why it’s important to understanding what kind of ROI design efforts can bring you and all the way to walking you through the steps you need to take to get started.