Supply Chain Design as a Service

Over 70% of companies that have a supply chain design center of excellence have shown returns over $10M

Source:2015 University of Michigan
Study on sCOE Impact
Ajit Sharma, Ross School of Business

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Supply Chain Design as a Service

LLamasoft offers turn-key supply chain design options to enable businesses that lack staffing and/or expertise to more quickly reap the benefits of modeling technology

Given the new global reality of sustained volatility, complexity, and rapid change, businesses are faced with hundreds of supply chain what-if questions, but many don’t have the staffing or technology in place to answer them. Common challenges include:

“Recruiting and building a team is too difficult”
“It’s going to be a headache to establish the infrastructure we need”
“We don’t have the expertise to do the modeling right now”

These objections are valid, but undeniable is the need for businesses to build models
of the supply chain to identify inefficiencies, optimize current operations and design a
network for the future. How many millions of dollars are being wasted every year due to
lack of sound, credible decision support for critical supply chain decisions?

LLamasoft offers turn-key supply chain design options that provide industry-leading
technology and expertise to solve a critical business problem, scope a project and help
get it off the ground, identify the optimal strategy for a new business venture, or be your
supply chain design team for as long as you need us.

Why Choose LLamasoft Supply Chain Design as a Service?

  • Achieve benefits of supply chain modeling without large internal infrastructure
    and human resource commitments
  • Speed ROI/time to value with immediate access to necessary elements of the solution, rather than building them from scratch
  • Access not just industry-leading technology, but also LLamasoft experts—there’s no need to bother with acquiring, maintaining, developing and retaining analytics skills
  • Utilize scalable cloud architecture
  • Scale staffing up or down to deal with intermittent needs
  • Reduce complexity in ongoing maintenance of models and analytics

Outsourced Supply Chain Design Coverage Options

Unlike traditional one-size-fits-all SaaS offerings, LLamasoft works with you to design a
program that will address your specific business problems and fit your budget. Choose
one or a combination of our coverage options:

  • Project Coverage: LLamasoft provides the software and staffing to complete a high-priority project, including scoping, modeling and knowledge transfer/executive briefing
  • Long-term Staffing: Eliminate the overhead of full-time internal staffing and let LLamasoft provide the perfect level of staffing to support your business goals and answer critical supply chain questions
  • Quick-Start Team Building: Own a license but need help getting your team and project off the ground? LLamasoft staff can work side-by-side with you to provide the coaching and project support to get your design off to a strong start and help you establish a roadmap for success to follow and transition ownership
    to you when you’re ready.
  • Analytics and Model Maintenance: For businesses that have models established, LLamasoft can take on the ongoing work for you. We’ll maintain/
    update models, refresh data and provide regularly scheduled analysis in support of business processes such as annual operating plans, inventory planning, S&OP, etc.

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