From Project to Continuous Business Process: The Evolution of Supply Chain Design

Speaker 1:
I come to SummerCon every year and I believe it’s really the best venue for people who are involved day to day in supply chain design and efficiency improvement. It’s much better than most conferences because most conferences are really broad and you might get just one or two or a handful of sessions that you want to attend and in this conference every session is something that we want to attend.

Speaker 2:
We really like coming to see what modules and what’s new with LLamasoft and try and understand how we can build that into our capabilities and really our product offering for our clients so we can drive client success.

Speaker 3:
It’s the largest event within supply chain design so it’s a great opportunity for us to get updated on technology and trends and share knowledge and experience and meet other supply chain designers around the world.

Speaker 4:
The best thing I like about SummerCon is the capability to network, meeting a lot of like-minded people who go through similar challenges as the ones we have at the moment and that works out pretty well.

Speaker 5:
SummerCon’s great, we’ve really, really enjoyed ourselves, this is coming from a mobile health environment I think we’ve been blown away by the production quality that’s gone into this and the level of fun that everyone seems to be having.

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