Will Dunlap, MillerCoors


Video Transcript

Historically, we’ve been a beer manufacturer first and foremost, but in the last few years, with the changing environment, we’ve started to expand our product portfolio, which has been really exciting—purchasing a cidery a few years ago, and then recently purchasing a Kombucha company. So this will be very interesting for us to see how that evolves in the supply chain.

I think the people that we have there and the culture that’s been created has been phenomenal. I work with a very diverse group of men and women. I think the company’s done a great job of creating an environment where we’re incented to make the right decision both ethically and environmentally.

In the last couple years there have been major changes, which has been great for us. I think between our parent ownership structure changing and becoming now singly-owned by Molson Coors has opened a lot of opportunities for us to start looking at cross-border production and distribution.

Another element that we are going through right now is a whole new ERP install, an SAP instance to kind of take over the legacy systems, which will change how we distribute product to our distributors.

Between looking at capital investment opportunities around our network, we recently reassessed our 24-ounce can footprint. We had a capacity constraint on those lines and we did some exploration using LLamasoft tools and found a new line up in our Shenandoah brewery was a great opportunity for us to not only reduce freight, but also decrease the distance to our distributors.

We can use the whole LLamasoft tool to provide basically a footprint of how we would like our network to look for each distributor. As we’re moving product around the network for various executional projects or catastrophic down times, we can then have this baseline to go return to so that we aren’t ever accidentally leaving distributors in the wrong location and return them back to our target location.

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