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SummerCon 2018 Preview – Can’t Miss Sessions

By Manda Schweitzer-Miller  May 16, 2018

Our annual supply chain conference, SummerCon 2018, is just around the corner! This year we look forward to welcoming 600+ of the most innovative thinkers in the supply chain industry to Atlanta,  June 11-15! Much like the industry in general, LLamasoft is moving at a rapid pace. At this year’s conference, we look forward to exploring the theme, “Evolving the Supply Chain, Together.” We hope you’ll join us!

But before we descend upon The Big Peach, we want to make sure you’re ready to make the most of your time at SummerCon. Here are a few of the biggest themes and can’t-miss sessions to help you plan your week!

Establishing a strong supply chain design foundation to solve business problems

Featured Session: Dell

By understanding demand characteristics as part of the inventory optimization process and leveraging simulation capabilities in Supply Chain Guru, Dell has developed a process for having effective SKU rationalization discussions with product development, marketing, and merchandising teams. This approach is being applied to reduce both raw material and finished goods complexity.

Realizing the benefits of supply chain design

Featured Session: General Motors

The GM team has completed over 80 supply chain design models at varies levels of complexity and reach and are planning to build even more. Fifty percent of these supply chain design models are refreshed at a high frequency to keep challenging the status quo. This session targets supply chain design internal champions to give them tools and advice bridge the gap between design and realization of design recommendations. GM will also explain its own supply chain design maturity journey and how supply chain maturity can help enable you to improve internal teams to achieve greater speed to value.

Hands-on learning workshops

Featured Session: Build Your First Planning by Design App

Our workshops provide hands-on opportunities for customers to experience and learn design technology and best practices and how to apply it in their own businesses. This session invites customers to experience LLamasoft’s new app-building technology and discover how to enable their supply chain experts to make better decisions, faster, and with more collaboration. LLamasoft has developed a way to deliver our advanced optimization and analytics engines into the hands of parties across the supply chain, in order to enable traditional design-type decisions in a fast-moving planning environment. The workshop provides a guide for using Planning by Design apps to enable supply chain design and speed planning processes,  and share how LLamasoft customers are using this technology to save time, money, and expedite complex decision-making.


What do a Nobel Prize winner, an Emmy winner and a leading genomic researcher have in common?

They are all keynote speakers at SummerCon 2018! Nobel Prize Winner Dr. Daniel Kahneman, Emmy-award winner Penn Jillette and pioneering genomic researcher Dr. J Craig Venter will all take the keynote stage. Also, you don’t want to miss keynotes from LLamasoft Chairman of the Board Don Hicks and CEO Razat Gaurav.

Let’s Connect!

One of the biggest benefits of SummerCon is the opportunity to connect with other supply chain professionals, spanning industries from across the globe. From our annual LLamaRun, to sunrise yoga, the LLamasoft Modeling Game World Championship and our Regional Xchange Forum sessions, there is something for everyone’s preferred networking style. And don’t forget the value of just having fun! Our Thursday night Customer Appreciation Event at Skyline Park will be one for the ages.

Not yet registered? Do not delay! Secure your spot now at www.summercon.com. And get the conversation started #SCon18.