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Define Efficient Routes, Reduce Landed Cost, Optimize Mix and Mode, and Test Service Levels

Using advanced algorithms, transportation routes are defined to minimize cost of inbound or outbound shipments, while considering realistic cost and constraint structures. This helps answer the question, “what happens to transportation routes when the network design is changed?”

Using transportation optimization, analysts can baseline existing routing strategies and test new strategies to predict actual costs and service levels. Optimal daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly plans can be created to set inventory levels, schedule production and to define distribution routing. LLamasoft transportation enables users to model their entire  supply chain network, incorporating alternative transportation options and key variables such as cost, time, capacity and delivery parameters. Users can identify an optimal transportation plan based on the total costs and service constraints.

Transportation Network Optimization and Logistics Simulation for Continuous Improvement

Supply Chain Guru is the only application that gives supply chain designers the tools to integrate network design and transportation routing into one piece of software to help:

Supply Chain Guru®


LLamasoft® transportation optimization technology can be used in the integrated Supply Chain Guru® platform allowing easy transition between solvers and gives designers and analysts the tools to:

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  • Land O’Lakes Uses LLamasoft Transportation Optimization for Acquisition Rationalization and Outbound Shipment Consolidation

    Land O’Lakes uses transportation optimization for acquisition rationalization and outbound shipment consolidation

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  • Benefit Case Study: LLamasoft/Cardinal Health

    Cardinal Health cut inventory holding cost by $4.5 Million using supply chain network optimization and simulation.

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  • FIDELITONE Identifies Efficiency Improvements to Delivery Routing and Frequency with LLamasoft Transportation Optimization

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  • Dedicated Fleet Or LTL Network: Which Is Better?

    Facing continued expansion, the company needed to test the impact of using a dedicated fleet to replace their LTL delivery network.

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  • “We are eager to leverage LLamasoft to optimize and test potential fleet, scheduling and routing changes for cost and service improvements in our last mile delivery network. Using [LLamasoft] we hope to better control our delivery operation and have more confidence in our supply chain decisions.”

    — Jeff Walt, Director of Engineering, FIDELITONE

  • “Not only does [LLamasoft] integrate network optimization and vehicle route optimization, but it will also simplify our data input and output analysis, enabling us to quickly identify opportunities for freight savings in our supply chain.”

    — David Raymond, Vice President of Operations Transformation, Wayfair

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