Software and Tools To Simulate the Supply Chain to Reduce Risk

Reduce risk by testing your supply chain changes in a digital environment before implementing them

Predictive Modeling

Predictive Modeling Gives You a View Into Your Future Supply Chain.
Wouldn’t it be great to know how your supply chain will perform in the future? To know how a strategy change will impact your service levels or costs? To predict when you will stock out or be late with a shipment? Making the wrong decision, such as investing tens of millions for capacity in the wrong place or running out of inventory during peak buying periods can get people fired or put companies out of business. LLamasoft simulation technology lets you predict the effects of potential supply chain changes to reduce the risk and validate the decision before it is implemented in the real world.

Why Use Supply Chain Simulation?

By accurately predicting the behavior of your supply chain, you are much better equipped to make key decisions on strategy and execution. Simulation truly factors time and variability into each individual transaction, decision and movement throughout your supply chain to enable you to see how your supply chain will perform under different designs. Predictive analytics show you point-in-time metrics such as on-time deliveries, inventory levels, expedited shipments and costs.

Use Simulation To:

Supply Chain Guru®

Supply chain modeling platform

Reduce risk by testing supply chain changes before enacting them. Digitally model the supply chain to factor in variability into each individual transaction, decision and movement throughout the supply chain.

  • Benefit Case Study: Cardinal Health

    Cardinal Health cut inventory holding cost by $4.5 Million using supply chain network optimization and simulation.

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  • British American Tobacco

    British American Tobacco used supply chain modeling and simulation to smooth production planning and order variance.

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