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Analyze All Combinations to Minimize Total Landed Cost

In any supply chain, there are hundreds of different paths that each product could follow to go from the supplier to the end customer. Product flow-path combinations can include a wide range of variables including transportation modes, order quantities, container types, production facilities, packaging options, shipping ports, distribution centers or parcel carriers—and each combination can produce drastically different total landed costs.

Supply Chain Guru®


LLamasoft® Supply Chain Guru® enables companies to analyze all the various product flow-path combinations to identify  the optimal landed cost for each individual SKU, analyzing:

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  • High-Tech Manufacturer Saves $66 Million Annually Adjusting Shipping Strategy

    Following flooding in Thailand, the company re-designed its air-freight based supply chain and examine different transportation modes–for millions in savings.

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  • How Do You Design Your Supply Chain To Withstand A 300% Tax Increase?

    Faced with tax and regulation increases, major brewery needed to design a more efficient and nimble Russian distribution network.

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  • Outdoor Retailer Identifies $17 Million in Savings While Exceeding Service Levels

    As they opened new retail locations the company needed to evaluate the need for new DCs and best locations for new facilities.

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  • Can You Increase Service Levels And Save Money At The Same Time?

    A major manufacturer of luxury goods and apparel needed to redesign their supply chain to maximize sales at full retail price across all brands throughout the Asian market.

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  • Designing a Network to Support an Omni-Channel Fulfillment Strategy

    With significant growth expected in the coming years from online channels, a large department store chain used network optimization to build an omni-channel fulfillment strategy.

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Brexit: Now Is the Time to Model Your Supply Chain

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