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The modern supply chain network is increasingly complex and often stretches across continents and supports numerous market segments. With growing supply chain concerns, the impacts of change are harder to determine, the risks involved with being unprepared grow higher and the need for stronger in-house capabilities in redesigning and ‘right-sizing’ networks becomes a necessity. Supply chain network design and optimization is a powerful supply chain modeling approach that enables companies to create accurate models of their end-to-end operations to identify major improvements in cost, service, sustainability and risk – often leading to total supply chain network savings of 10 percent or more.

Supply Chain Guru®


The LLamasoft supply chain design software platform provides the most complete and easy-to-use network optimization functionality in the market, including:

LLamasoft® Supply Chain Guru® includes powerful network modeling, optimization and analysis functionality. Users can model their supply chains, evaluate alternatives, optimize the structure, and simulate multiple scenarios in order to predict the resulting operational performance of organizations.

Supply Chain Guru also includes detailed discrete event simulation to visualize and test the operational performance of any scenario, to compare multiple scenarios, and to verify the service rates, inventories, and site capacities over the defined time horizon.

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  • Benefit Case Study: CHEP

    Leveraging LLamasoft supply chain design capabilities for both tactical and longer-term decision support has helped CHEP, a worldwide leader in pooling solutions, build a more agile, efficient supply chain to better service customers while simultaneously exploring collaboration opportunities.

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  • Benefit Case Study: LLamasoft/McCormick & Co

    McCormick uses LLamasoft modeling technology as a continuous-use, enterprise-wide decision support tool as a way to rapidly answer what-if supply chain questions.

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  • Turkcell Saves Thirteen Percent on Annual Rework Operation Costs Using Network Optimization Model

    Turkcell, one of the world’s top mobile communications providers, saves thirteen percent on annual rework costs using network optimization.

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  • Benefit Case Study: Cardinal Health

    Cardinal Health cut inventory holding cost by $4.5 Million using supply chain network optimization and simulation.

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  • How Do You Design Your Supply Chain To Withstand A 300% Tax Increase?

    Faced with tax and regulation increases, major brewery needed to design a more efficient and nimble Russian distribution network.

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  • High-Tech Manufacturer Saves $66 Million Annually Adjusting Shipping Strategy

    Following flooding in Thailand, the company re-designed its air-freight based supply chain and examine different transportation modes–for millions in savings.

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  • Network Optimization Identifies $17 Million in Savings While Exceeding Service Levels

    As they opened new retail locations the company needed to evaluate the need for new DCs and best locations for new facilities.

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  • Designing a Network to Support an Omni-Channel Fulfillment Strategy

    With significant growth expected in the coming years from online channels, a large department store chain used network optimization to build an omni-channel fulfillment strategy.

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  • Manufacturer Uses Supply Chain Network Optimization to Uncover 14 Percent Annual Savings

    Double-digit savings possible just by optimizing existing distribution strategy.

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