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Key Supply Chain Challenges with Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) introduce an incomparable number of options for the design of the new organization’s future supply chain. Redundant facilities, assets, suppliers, customers and products make the pre-merger and post-merger analysis difficult. In order to determine the best strategy for combining multiple organizations, analysts must build models that consider all of the inter-related operations and also incorporate time and variability.

Site and product consolidation needs to be evaluated, considering the differences in demand patterns and their cumulative effect on capacity requirements. Determining the feasibility of consolidating transportation lanes can provide a major opportunity for cost savings.

Supply Chain Guru®


The LLamasoft supply chain design software platform provides the most complete and easy-to-use network optimization functionality in the market.

LLamasoft’s design platform provides detailed supply chain modeling and analysis capabilities to support these merger & acquisition rationalization decisions: Site selection and open/close, transportation strategy, inventory policies, manufacturing and strategic sourcing.

LLamasoft® Supply Chain Guru  includes powerful network modeling, optimization and analysis functionality. Users can model their supply chains, evaluate alternatives, optimize the structure, and simulate multiple scenarios in order to predict the resulting operational performance of the merged organizations. Supply Chain Guru also includes detailed discrete event simulation to visualize and test the operational performance of any scenario, to compare multiple scenarios, and to verify the service rates, inventories, and site capacities over the defined time horizon.

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How to Use Supply Chain Design to Craft Successful M&A Activities

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