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Six Key Questions to Ask (and Answer) When Investigating Demand Modeling in Supply Chain Design

Demand Modeling: Start with the Basics

In the short term, supply chain planning is meshed with demand planning to balance operations. In the longer term, and the bigger picture, responding effectively to demand changes, trends, and fluctuations may require modifications to your supply chain design. Helping to make those decisions is the function of demand modeling.

Thinking about demand modeling often raises lots of questions.

This ebook will answer the following key investigative questions allowing you to develop a great story to explain why your organization needs demand modeling and how to best approach it.

  1. Why is demand modeling vital?
  2. What exactly is demand modeling?
  3. When would I need demand modeling?
  4. Who uses demand modeling?
  5. What is LLamasoft Demand Guru?
  6. Why choose Demand Guru for demand modeling?

Happy investigating!

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