Simplify Your Work Life and Advance Your Career in Supply Chain Analytics

“[LLamasoft] Data Guru reduces the time it takes to transform my data and allows me to finally create repeatable processes to support business decisions.”

– Stacy Orwan, Supply Chain Modele


“With our business expanding
globally and the size of the datasets we deal with increasing, we made the move from spreadsheet-based optimization to Supply Chain Guru to give us the end-to-end perspective we need to identify cost-saving synergies and design the supply chain we need for the future.”

– Suneesh Kaul, Business Process Analyst,
KLA-Tencor Inc.

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Simplify Your Work Life and Advance Your Career in Supply Chain Analytics

LLamasoft Design Platform Provides Analysts With:

  • A single, easy-to-use solution to connect to all logistical and inventory data in a unified database for rapid answers to network, inventory, route, product flow and production optimizations
  • A solution that fills gaps in modeling data with industry reference and benchmark data to solve even intercontinental questions
  • A way to test numerous potential supply chain network designs to understad the ramifications of demand increases, gas/tax fluctuation, plant/suppliers shut-downs and other changes
  • A tool that can also identify the most effective multi-stop routes and assets needed per route and highlight opportunities for backhauling and hubbing
  • A seamless, scalable design platform that enables collaboration, knowledge management and analytics throughout your organization


Why Advancing Supply Chain Analysts Prefer LLamasoft

The most innovative and advanced design technology:

  • Integrated network, transportation, inventory and simulation algorithm, with a unified database and user-interface for a powerful, efficient user experience
  • Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping allows users to view, edit and analyze key inputs and outputs visually for geocoding, routing or solving for distance
  • Automatic scenario generation enables powerful multiple scenario analysis within a single model database to adjust any combination of cost or model elements to do sensitivity analysis, simulate impact on the supply chain over time, and make the optimal decisions
  • Cloud-based solutions, including access to industry benchmark data, and a fully-integrated SaaS web application that utilizes best-in-class hardware to maximize data processing and collaboration

The most active user community and customer success services:

  • Annual user conference, SummerCon, drew 400+ supply chain executives and practitioners in 2015
  • Dedicated customer success team to provide the support and advice analysts need to be successful
  • Customer support website offers extensive knowledge base and online help
  • SaaS-based web application that integrates your design process with LLamasoft team members for easy access to real time support
  • Monthly customer webinars provide useful tips and tricks and product information
  • New supply chain design training center offers courses for beginners through advanced users

Make your work life easier and actively contribute solutions to supply chain challenges

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