Supply Chain Visibility

What is LLamasoft ESP?

Unified, Intertemporal Source of Supply Chain Information

You need information to manage the supply chain, but the data is distributed across myriad enterprise applications or trapped in local silos or departmental spreadsheets. How do you harmonize all that data to gain the information and insight you desperately need?

ESP combines three key cutting-edge technologies – (1) Data Integration and Blending, (2) Predictive Analytics, (3) Interactive Visualization – to deliver key supply chain information and insight.


Use ESP as a supply chain data warehouse to extract information about historical behavior and trends.


Use ESP as a control tower to track real-time KPIs on areas including demand, inventory, transportation, and service.


Use ESP for predictive analytics to identify potential issues such as stock outs or capacity shortages before they occur.

Imagine Your Data Working for You – That’s ESP.

For the First Time—All Your Supply Chain Data in a Single Database

With the LLamasoft ESP visibility platform you can consolidate all enterprise supply chain data into one central access point, enable supply chain data integration through configurable connectivity, validation, cleansing and blending and bring the supply chain to life through interactive maps, dashboards and rapid analytics.

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