Demand Guru: Predictive Demand Modeling Software

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Demand Guru: Modeling Software For Accurate Demand Prediction using Advanced Causative Modeling Powered by Machine Learning

Explore & investigate key drivers of demand, seamlessly bring external time series data from the Data Cube, accurately test and predict multiple demand scenarios for greater confidence in strategic supply chain decisions

With volatile consumer demand, how can you get ahead of the game and enable a more agile business and confidence in your business decisions? You want to create a robust supply chain design for the future but can you accurately build this without modeling your long-term future demand and understand what drives it?

Using Demand Guru, you can go beyond traditional forecasting with exploratory demand modeling for confidence in your strategic and tactical decision-making.


Explore key drivers of demand using what-if scenario modeling and interactive visualizations along with easily componentizing your demand into seasonality, trend, business influencers, external influencers & unexplained random error


Build demand models to analyze and extract demand characteristics and patterns and reduce forecast error. Easily conduct exploratory demand modeling with the ability to build and test infinite demand models that capture all types of demand complexity.


Predict demand patterns into the future using state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms—no deep statistical background required. Analyze seasonal demand, trend data & external influencers to rapidly and accurately forecast future market demand for short, medium & long term horizons.


Access LLamasoft’s Data Cube with an abundance of weather and economic time series datasets to identify cause and effect relationships to better predict future demand. Out of the box integration to the Data Cube for external time series data to better predict demand using causative modeling.


Integrate your demand models across all LLamasoft supply chain design and planning products for a better demand signal that drives a better supply chain design. Demand Guru is designed to integrate directly with your existing corporate systems.

“With Demand Guru you can model different demand streams and create forecasts with that information. Demand Guru contains access to the data cube and it’s a game changer. It has information on many causal factors which is not always readily available or readily accessible. Companies know the relationship between their demand and market specific factors for their business, but aren’t always able to model the external macro level causal factors. Demand Guru enables modeling and filtering the relevant factors. In today’s era, solving for demand is the first step to solve all of your supply chain design problems including capacity and inventory planning.”

– Amit Surve, DBU Supply Chain Design and Network Optimization Leader, Cummins

In a highly demand-driven marketplace, if you don’t understand your customers’ buying behavior or are unable to quantify what factors impact your demand and can’t easily experiment with accurate future demand scenarios, you may be at the risk of inaccurately designing your supply chain for the future. LLamasoft Demand Guru solves this problem by enabling rapid and accurate projection of future demand, easy testing of alternate demand scenarios and sensitivities, and out of the box integration to the Data Cube for external time series data to better quantify what factors influence your demand. As part of LLamasoft’s end-to-end supply chain analytics platform, Demand Guru adds just minutes to the supply chain modeling process by automating demand modeling for more confidence in short-term and strategic supply chain decisions.

All the Tools You Need for Easy Demand Modeling and Decision Support

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