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The most common challenge for supply chain analysts is data. Multiple source systems. Limited access. Different formats and structures. Questionable quality. Missing information. Huge volumes.

As much as 80% of any analysis project can be spent dealing with data issues, costing valuable time and placing key decisions at risk because of delayed response.

Data Guru was created to attack these challenges head on, and Data Guru has been battle tested and proven to significantly improve the entire process of validating and blending enterprise data. Most importantly, Data Guru seamlessly integrates with Supply Chain Guru to speed and even automate the model-building process.

Simplify Data Processing

Data Guru is a visual and intuitive tool made for business analysts and modelers to help make the entire process of handling data self-service without advanced query-building skills or technical training. Data Guru addresses the five key data handling processes that are required of any modeling or analysis project: Source, Validate, Blend, Analyze, & Publish.

Integrated Supply Chain Design: Connecting the Business to Its Data

Modern supply chains require a continuous design process that is driven by the most current data, ensuring that design models are a living representation of the supply chain. Data Guru connects users directly to the systems that run the enterprise to build repeatable data transformation workflows that refresh model data. Integration with the LLamasoft supply chain design tools enable users to automatically build and run supply chain models.

“Cuts effort in half!”



“Data Guru has enabled us to decrease our model build time. We can now connect directly to our data sources and extract data more efficiently, integrating our data extraction and modeling building processes.”

– John Bozynski, Network Modeling Manager at Ford Motor Company

“The way our business has developed means our data is scattered everywhere. Data Guru has a really nice framework for connecting, sourcing the data, cleaning and aligning it to the proper levels and allows me to pull data into Tableau in order to visualize in a very different way. The best part of Data Guru is that it’s now just pushing a button and eliminates a lot of the work so we can spend more time analyzing the data.”

– Joe Buria, Business Intelligence | Analytics

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