Data Management and Analytics

LLamasoft’s end-to-end supply chain optimization software helps supply chain people think better and make better decisions from design to planning to visibility. We call this Supply Chain by Design. With our Supply Chain by Design Platform, you can consolidate all enterprise supply chain data into one central access point and bring the supply chain to life in reports, dashboards and rapid analytics. You can model your end-to-end supply chain to visualize inefficiencies, optimize for improvements in cost, service and risk, and test hundreds of potential scenarios. Quickly build custom apps as point solutions and workflows on top of your current design and planning processes to save time, money, and expedite complex decision-making.


With our data and analytics, you’ll get:

Library of Advanced Analytic Solvers—Orchestrated for Business Users

Optimization often finds counter-intuitive solutions that humans and heuristics can miss. All of LLamasoft Supply Chain by Design products use our powerful analytical solvers to promote rapid improvement in your supply chain performance.

•  Optimization solvers and prescriptive analytics
•  Advanced machine learning for demand sensing and forecasting
•  Cost to serve and activity-based costing calculations
•  Simulation engines and predictive analytics

Self-Service Data Analytics

Most organizations are drowning in data but it’s always a challenge for supply chain planning and design software to share information.  Planning by Design conquers that hurdle with pre-configured data integration connectors that provide the ability to:

•  Profile, validate and repair data quality issues
•  Blend data and manage master data integrity
•  Automate the refresh process with visual workflows
•  Use standard supply chain data models & schema
•  Accommodate user-defined processes and costing methods

The tight integration between supply chain planning and design helps bridge the gaps between analysis and decision making.