Your supply chain needs to integrate with the rest of your business.

So should your supply chain applications.

Supply Chain Tools That Even IT Loves

Supply chain design and optimization typically requires a lot of input from IT: getting data ready, setting up new models, building reports and dashboards. LLamasoft’s supply chain platform makes your job easier with powerful data consolidation and management, modeling and reporting tools. Now, you can get back to managing your IT department, confident that your supply chain team has what they need.

Supply Chain by Design

The Platform for Performance

Multiple Deployment Options

  • “They spoke a simple language that management could understand, and their tool was flexible and adaptable to our business needs: multiple calendars, ten different ships, nonstandard … and all of that at a reasonable cost! It was also easy to build business models. These three points were important, not to mention their ability to effectively work in our global organisation”

    -Ian Strangeway, Director Supply Chain Services, Carnival UK

  • “Data Guru has enabled us to decrease our model build time. We can now connect directly to our data sources and extract data more efficiently, integrating our data extraction and modeling building processes.”

    –John Bozynski, Network Modeling Manager, Ford Motor Company

  • “In the past, it may have taken months to get the information we needed from spreadsheets. As a result, many decisions were made based on gut feelings. Now we get quantitative answers in as little as a few days.”

    –Stephen Wetter, Senior Manager, Global Network Planning, CHEP

In the News

23 of Gartner Supply Chain Top 25 for 2017 Companies Have Used LLamasoft

IEWC augments SAP inventory planning with Supply Chain Guru for better inventory control

An SAP user, IEWC had been using a third-party tool along with spreadsheets as its primary inventory planning tool. Working with LLamasoft, they developed an inventory model in Supply Chain Guru for a more accurate and complete view of optimal inventory levels and locations using sophisticated optimization algorithms.

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LLamasoft Supply Chain Guru vs. Spreadsheets

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