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Supply Chain Planners Can Increase Supply Chain Performance with Planning Solutions that Easily Evolve with Changing Business Conditions

With no way to effectively respond to rapid business changes, margin or service will erode. Everyone else is molding their business processes to a fixed planning technology, which sometimes means compromising on the right plan. LLamasoft puts an integrated suite of supply chain planning tools with powerful optimization capabilities at your fingertips to more efficiently generate better plans.

Planning by Design

An App-building Platform with Direct Connection to All of LLamasoft’s Advanced Optimization and Analytics Engines

  • “As vehicles are tendered to us electronically, they show up in our systems in real time. Multiple runs assure us we’re always looking at optimal answers. The software can look at each driver’s current location, destination, load status, and hours remaining. These factors drive small but important changes between our earlier and later runs.”

    –Curtis Rhodes, EVP of Network Planning / Logistics at Jack Cooper

  • “SupplyChainGuru.com has allowed us to achieve the business model we were looking for where the industrial engineers don’t have to be involved in every scenario that the business units or the supply chain professionals come up with. This has drastically improved the speed of our decision making.”

    –Paul Stickel, Global Supply Chain Industrial Engineer, ON Semiconductor

  • “[LLamasoft] enables thyssenkrupp to meet rising customer expectations by enabling them to forecast demand on a mid and short-term level. It also gives us visibility on supply chain trends that allows future planning with optimal stock levels. Crucially, because it is linked to our internal systems, it combines internal data with customer forecasts and supplier information, which helps to highlight material shortages and other short-term challenges and enables us to take action.”

    -Harald Meyer, Chief Financial Officer, thyssenKrupp Aerospace

  • “Operating without advanced analytics is becoming increasingly unrealistic, with mounting supply chain complexity and the need for faster response times.”

    -Gartner: Deploy Supply Chain Analytical Platforms to Build Flexible Solutions. 03 February 2017. Analyst: Noha Tohamy

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23 of Gartner Supply Chain Top 25 for 2017 Companies Have Used LLamasoft Gartner MQ for S&OP

Industrial Minerals Company Mines Annual Cost Reduction of $5 Million

While industrial minerals are not the most complex product, their sheer bulk drives up transportation costs. This producer of silica sand for the oil fracking industry needed a production planning model that would help them maximize profitability while ensuring high service levels. Because of the unpredictable nature of their business, they also need that model to run in thirty minutes or less to support their weekly S&OP process.

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Planning by Design: Bridging the Gap between Design and Planning

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