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Optimizing your supply chain can help you create a competitive advantage by lowering costs while keeping customer service levels high. But, it’s hard to optimize what you can’t see. LLamasoft’s supply chain platform gives you the visibility you need to see what’s working and what’s not. You can also create supply chain simulations and “what-if” scenarios to better understand the impact of potential policies and changes to your supply chain network.

Supply Chain by Design

The Platform for Operational Performance

  • “The model we developed allows us to answer new questions as they arise, and gives us the confidence and conviction to know what we’re getting into before we take the first step.”

    -Frank Diaz, Senior Vice President of Distribution and Logistics, PriceSmart

  • “One of the biggest benefits we found in the last four years is not necessarily the optimized model; it’s when we put up the greenfield maps, or the demand heat maps, or the baseline flow maps of how things are flowing. In many cases, it was the first time many people in the organization had seen how our products flow, and it provided a lot of new insights.”

    -Marcus LeMaster, Global Director of Logistics and Network Analytics, Schneider Electric

  • “In the old days, executives would make a gut call based on past experience. Now we can arm an executive with custom, detailed information to make better educated decisions.”

    –Sterling W. Barnard, Senior Director of Global Supply Chain Solutions, McCormick & Co.

  • “SupplyChainGuru.com has allowed us to achieve the business model we were looking for where the industrial engineers don’t have to be involved in every scenario that the business units or the supply chain professionals come up with. This has drastically improved the speed of our decision making.”

    –Paul Stickel, Global Supply Chain Industrial Engineer, ON Semiconductor

In the News

23 of Gartner Supply Chain Top 25 for 2017 Companies Have Used LLamasoft

  • Cardinal Health cuts costs while improving service levels

    Cardinal Health deployed LLamasoft’s supply design tool to evaluate the makeup of its distribution network and find ways to reduce inventory, transportation and labor costs while improving service to its customers. On the initial project in which Cardinal Health used the LLamasoft solution, the health care provider cut inventory holdings by $2.8 million in one DC and $1.9 million in a second DC for a savings of $430,000 in inventory carrying costs.

    Read the Case Study
  • Schneider Electric Uncovers €8 million in Annual Savings

    Working with LLamasoft, Schneider Electric identified €8 million in annual savings that could be obtained by altering product flow. The model also uncovered unexpected benefits such as a CO2 savings from modified transportation routes and better container utilization.

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  • Backhaul Optimization Helps Outdoor Good Retailer Cut Costs by 25%

    Logistics is one of the largest expenses for this leading retailer of outdoor sports merchandise. Working with LLamasoft, they were able to reduce costs by approximately 25% by taking logistics back from their 3PL providers and optimizing backhaul routes. In addition, they have improved vendor relations and can now guarantee deliveries within a 15-minute window with 99.97% accuracy.

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