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CFOs Need to Optimize Their Supply Chain for “Quick Wins” and Long-Term Profitability

The supply chain represents a significant cost for many organizations, and it can be difficult to know where you can cut back without jeopardizing the company’s position in the market. LLamasoft’s supply chain platform gives you the visibility you need to identify areas where you can quickly and easily cut costs without compromising service levels. Creating “what-if” scenarios also helps you analyze the impact of major business decisions and find ways to create an even more sustainable cost structure for long-term profitability.

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  • “In the old days, executives would make a gut call based on past experience. Now we can arm an executive with custom, detailed information to make better educated decisions.”

    –Sterling W. Barnard, Senior Director of Global Supply Chain Solutions, McCormick & Co.

  • “SupplyChainGuru.com has allowed us to achieve the business model we were looking for where the industrial engineers don’t have to be involved in every scenario that the business units or the supply chain professionals come up with. This has drastically improved the speed of our decision making.”

    –Paul Stickel, Global Supply Chain Industrial Engineer, ON Semiconductor

  • “They spoke a simple language that management could understand, and their tool was flexible and adaptable to our business needs: multiple calendars, ten different ships, nonstandard … and all of that at a reasonable cost! It was also easy to build business models. These three points were important, not to mention their ability to effectively work in our global organisation”

    -Ian Strangeway, Director Supply Chain Services, Carnival UK

  • “Optimiza enables thyssenkrupp to meet rising customer expectations by enabling them to forecast demand on a mid and short-term level. It also gives us visibility on supply chain trends that allows future planning with optimal stock levels. Crucially, because it is linked to our internal systems, it combines internal data with customer forecasts and supplier information, which helps to highlight material shortages and other short-term challenges and enables us to take action.”

    -Harald Meyer, Chief Financial Officer, thyssenKrupp Aerospace

In the News

23 of Gartner Supply Chain Top 25 for 2017 Companies Have Used LLamasoft

  • Schneider Electric Uncovers €8 million in Annual Savings

    Working with LLamasoft, Schneider Electric identified €8 million in annual savings that could be obtained by altering product flow. The model also uncovered unexpected benefits such as a CO2 savings from modified transportation routes and better container utilization.

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  • Industrial Minerals Company Mines Annual Cost Reduction of $5 Million

    While industrial minerals are not the most complex product, their sheer bulk drives up transportation costs. This producer of silica sand for the oil fracking industry needed a production planning model that would help them maximize profitability while ensuring high service levels. Because of the unpredictable nature of their business, they also need that model to run in thirty minutes or less to support their weekly S&OP process.

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  • Healthcare Company Reduces Inventory by 10 – 18%; Keeps Service Levels at 98%

    This healthcare company needed to balance services levels with costs. Working through simulations with LLamasoft, they uncovered potential decreases ranging from 10.5 to 17.9 percent by product line, while keeping service levels at 98% even for products with a high degree of demand variability.

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