Partner Testimonial – Spinnaker

Video Transcript

Spinnaker’s been working with LLamasoft for probably the last six years. Where we’ve had a history of working with design products, but as we were exposed to the technology that LLamasoft has, we really found the value. And it was easy to learn, the power of the tool is just extraordinary. And some of the problems that we’ve been able to solve for our clients has just been off the charts. Coming from planning, what we do is integrate planning and the design, to come up with new, innovative solutions. Planning by design is a really interesting paradigm. It’s sort of like the equivalent of learning how to play the piano. You know, you have the folks that are right-handed, and they learn how to use their right hand; that was kind of the planning world, and that’s kind of monolithic by itself. And then there was the design world, where they were doing a lot of sort of academic studies, and it was kind of monolithic unto itself. But the combination of these things, doing processes that are reoccurring, that actually drive value.

For instance, I talked a little bit earlier about yield optimization. There are a lot of companies in the food and beverage industry, like milk and dairy producers, who have been out there trying to figure out, with the by-products of milk, “What do I do next? So, do I make cheese with it? Do I make cream? What’s the next thing that I want to do with that?” And that stands for industries like pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and so on. So all of these companies are looking to optimize what they’re doing around their planning heuristics, and adding to that some optimization, to be able to maximize their profits on the other side.

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