Customer Testimonial – Schneider Electric

Video Transcript

The biggest problems that we had as a company was primarily looking at our logistics footprint. We have a number of regions around the world, which we were centrally solving as a team. But as we’ve progressed over the last three and a half years, we’ve built out a regional team, all of them using Supply Chain Guru just to optimize the footprint and to improve our service levels.

I think there’s two key benefits which we have brought to Schneider as part of the modeling journey. The first one is purely the visibility. Prior to pulling all the information together for the model, a lot of the business units didn’t really have the visibility of what they’re flows were, so that’s a key thing we’ve been able to bring to them.

Secondly, Schneider’s a very customer centric company. We specialize and we aim to improve the service levels where possible to our customer in line with driving costs down. The models that we’ve done have been optimizing the footprint, while also improving service time.

LLamasoft staff is great. I believe I’m in the top five users of the support group, so Bo and Jenny in particular have been extremely helpful. I cannot say enough good things about the staff there. Any problem that we have, whether it’s small or large, they’re always really helpful.

Schneider has just completed its first global network model. Previously we were focused on the regions. In terms of where we are going next, it will be moving into a more granular and targeted analysis, so we’ve done sort of the big meta picture. We want to get down to either business level or product level, so that’s where we’re gonna go initially. But we are also going to look to potentially get into some sourcing decisions on our manufacturing footprint.

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