Customer Testimonial – Renting Colombia

Video Transcript

When we started using LLamasoft, we had a great challenge. That was modeling all the cash network from the country’s biggest bank.

The Project was very interesting for us. The great benefits we had received from modeling with Supply Chain Guru. Specially the one about the bank’s cash network modeling. We had a complete visibility of the network and we could move from local optimal to global optimal in this project. To this date, we have achieved saving up to 30% of distribution logistics costs.

My experience with the LLamasoft team has always been good. They are very helpful, very dedicated in their jobs; they have an ample knowledge of what they’re doing and they’ve always been a support to us as company.

Our company roadmap for 2017 will be to focus on the use of Supply Chain Guru. We want to optimize the workshop network we have within the company and we will be working hard and with LLamasoft, as a team in that project.

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