Partner Testimonial: Peak 5 Supply Chain

Video Transcription

I have continued to work with LLamasoft tools over a number of years now. I find LLamasoft to be a very good partner. Anytime issues come up, we always are able to work through them together, and I just love the commitment of the company to keep driving in the software, keep making better and better software, solving more and more problems and solving them as well as they possibly can. There’s really nothing in the marketplace where people have the commitment that the LLamasoft team has to improving the world that we work in.

The software really helps us design better supply chain solutions for our customers by being able to really capture all of the key functions of their supply chain, the key costs, the key constraints, the key features of that supply chain, and really be able to dig in in-depth, run lots of different scenarios, try out lots of different things, compare all the answers that we’re getting and really be able to get through an analysis and be able to come up with the best answer for whatever customer we’re working with.

I’ve been in situations where I was comparing different tools to one another and helping my customer decide on which tool we should be using, and really the thing that sets LLamasoft apart is the commitment that they have to these tools, the interest that the whole company, not just the sales guy, not just the support team, but everybody has to solving these kinds of problems.
If we come up with a problem when we’re working with the software, LLamasoft is there to work with us and solve the problem.

If we find something that we need that’s different than what the software does, they’re more than willing to listen to us and to talk about how they might integrate that functionality. I think it’s a great partnership and one that’s definitely worth leveraging.

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