Customer Testimonial – FEMSA Logística

Video Transcript

Initially, we saw important opportunities in a process of M&A that we had some months ago. We wanted to support the new decisions and new ways of operating with, optimization technology.

Up to now we’ve had about a 5% reduction in transportation costs, in the projects we are working with. Additionally, we’ve improved the way of decision making, providing solid data and being much quicker.

The LLamasoft team has a good customer service; in times we found any difficulties with the tool’s functionalities, they answered quickly and sought to solve not only the specific question, but to know where we wanted to get as a business. Especially understanding everything good to help provide a solution beyond what we were seeing at that moment .

We are looking today, in the next months, to reduce or improve our supply chain design process. We already have the tools, we know how they function, we have to do it more quickly and we have to implement that knowledge and enable the seven work teams in the countries we operate.

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