Customer Testimonial – Cummins

Video Transcript

We first started with LLamasoft in middle of 2015 and it’s been three years of intense modeling work, lot of business understanding and trying to see how we can apply LLamasoft to the business problems that we have.

One of the biggest supply chain problems is defining network and positioning the inventory in that network to kind of best satisfy your customer demand and your customer needs. How you really design the customer-driven, demand-driven network was kind of the biggest problem we tried to apply LLamasoft to.

I think one of the key advantages of LLamasoft to using Supply Chain Guru in developing a holistic end-to-end supply chain model, inventory model in a multi-echelon kind of environment was something which we were able to achieve using Supply Chain Guru. Before it was more of Excel inventory models and I think LLamasoft gave us that nother layer of develop those complex models and at that complexity had a lot of constraints, multi-level constraints to our business problems and really develop and end-to-end supply chain design.

I think LLamasoft support team has been a very good partner with us. It’s the best helpline ever I’ve seen even in a comparing. So Jared and Jenny, those are our partners, our team mates. They sit here in Ann Arbor and they pick up the phone when we have issues. I think the dedication that they have shown in making sure that the customer really understands the tool, how you apply it, and making sure that till the end the solution is reached. They’re relentless, really dedicated. They’ll schedule calls at the last minute and they’ll be ready to help us, so that relentlessness and dedication is really good.

I think there are a lot of new tools LLamasoft is bringing in in terms of manufacturing, in terms demand modeling and other things. We are really excited to look at those and how they could blend with the current tool like Supply Chain Guru and Data Guru that we’re using today.

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