Customer Testimonial – Cummins 2

Video Transcript

The benefits of supply chain modeling for us are mainly transparency and visibility to our manufacturing footprint and the behavior of our inventory across that footprint. The things we are mainly able to do now that we were not able to do before are that fast turn around to the leadership. Whenever they have a new model or a new scenario in their minds and they want to see how our footprint will behave on their conditions of interest, that we couldn’t do before with our previous models and Excel sheets or with other solutions in the past.

Our experience with the LLamasoft support team or the LLamasoft team in general has been very positive. Turnarounds are fast. Jennifer and Sam, they’re great. They are part, at least for me, they’re part of my family almost, my extended family. The roadblock for our team and our supply chains is mostly keep on exploring Data Guru. I think we haven’t been dedicated to exploring every single of the wonderful things it can do when integrated to Supply Chain Guru. That’s for our, that’s for the use of Supply Chain Guru in the team. In general for the team is keep focusing on our transformation initiatives in the company and some of them will link back to the network optimization and venture optimization work that we do.

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