Working with LLamasoft for a Better Supply Chain

Video Transcription

Tom is working late.

He’s the supply chain executive at KICK’s. A fast growing, global shoe company.

Kicks is hiring at a break neck pace.

And they’ve grown their retail network 20% year over year for almost a decade.

So why isn’t Tom ecstatic? Because Tom sees the problems.

Manufacturing facilities are running out of capacity.

Replenishing stock has become difficult because inventory is consistently in the wrong locations.

And shipping costs are continuously in the red.

As a result, Kick’s is wasting millions of dollars.

But what can Tom do? The more he investigates, the more questions appear. It’s an overwhelming challenge.

And that’s why Tom is working late.

Lucky for him, there’s an answer. Hundreds of global businesses are designing the optimal supply chain with LLamasoft modeling technology.

Using LLamasoft, Tom can visualize his current supply chain and start to isolate the inefficiencies and potential problems within.

From there, he can optimize to find the lowest overall cost network, while improving service and reducing risk.

He can compare and test hundreds of potential scenarios so he can confidently and rapidly respond to planned and unplanned supply chain disruptions.

Using simulation, he can reduce risk by testing how potential supply chain changes would perform in the real world by playing them out digitally in a virtual environment.

Using data-backed maps and reports, Tom can get faster answers to supply chain what-if questions, and easily explain proposed supply chain changes to his boss.

…who will be impressed by the cost and service improvements in manufacturing, distribution, and transportation.

These continuous improvements inspire Tom’s boss to give him a raise and a nicer office.

Now Tom can actually feel good about going home on time.

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