Now Anyone Can Work with Big Data — No Programming Knowledge Required

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Now Anyone Can Work with Big Data — No Programming Knowledge Required

Today’s most successful businesses run on data. Data drives every decision and provides deeper insight into operations. Unfortunately, for many businesses the value derived from analytical insight is only exceeded by the effort required to create it. A business solely relying on IT to collect, cleanse and transform the data is incapable of rapidly assessing and responding to market changes.

Empower all analysts to work with enterprise data and take control of business processes

Data Guru is a self-service drag-and-drop application empowering all users to connect and transform disparate enterprise data at a fraction of the cost of other tools. Data Guru unleashes business data from IT, enabling business users to take control of their processes and get actionable business intelligence in hours—not weeks.

Data Guru was designed by data analysts who were frustrated with complex data cleansing and migration efforts. Data Guru simplifies the transformation of data and creates documented, repeatable, time-saving workflows. The interactive, visual tool removes coding and query-building from the process and enables analysts to effectively work with big data.


Data Guru Gets Your Business Processes Out of the Dark Ages… and Makes You a Data Expert

Data Guru provides un-paralleled visibility into the data transformation process at any level. The two-layer design surface allows users to share the right level of detail for any audience. Each process step is automatically documented, ensuring your work is saved for future use or other users.


Use an intuitive drag-and-drop interface to validate, blend, enrich and sculpt data into the unified format you desire. The no-code environment ensures that workflows can be understood by analysts at all levels of technical expertise.

Data Guru’s flexible data architecture allows for remote execution of data transformation. Removing the data process from the client PC enhances data security and leverages existing hardware. Data Guru uses the system user login credentials you already have to conform to IT requirements and eliminate setup and integration work.


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