Global Health Supply Chain Network Design

LLamasoft solutions enable global health decision-makers to design cost-effective,reliable and sustainable supply chain
networks with customer service as a primary goal.

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  • JSI
  • Supply Chain Management System (SCMS)
  • The World Bank
  • World Health Organization (WHO)

Global Health Supply Chain Network Design

Example service coverage map and network configurations


The consistent and timely delivery of medical supplies and medicines to consumers in developing nations is the mission of Ministries of Health and non-governmental organizations around the world. Public health groups face daily challenges such as:

  • Limited funding and resources
  • Poor infrastructure
  • Geographic and climate-related challenges
  • Growing demand for medical supplies and products

These challenges make it imperative that networks in developing areas are designed to be costeffective, reliable and sustainable.

Supply Chain Design Saves Lives

Just as in other regions, logistical shortcomings in the developing world can cost lives. By strengthening existing supply chain systems, the availability of essential medical commodities to health care providers and consumers is greatly increased, resulting in improved health for communities in underserved areas. Supply chain design activities such as determining the best locations for warehouses, setting optimal inventory targets and planning the most efficient vehicle routes can:

  • Decrease fuel costs
  • Get supplies and medicines to consumers more quickly and regularly
  • Increase service levels within established budgets
  • Reduce expiries and wastage
  • Improve utilization of existing assets, such as trucks

LLamasoft and Global Health

In addition to helping numerous Fortune Global 500 companies design their commercial supply chains, LLamasoft is also a leader in the field of public health supply chain design. Our consultants have carried out successful public health projects in Lesotho, Ethiopia, Kenya, Côte d’Ivoire, Burkina Faso, Uganda, Nigeria, Tanzania, El Salvador, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Haiti and Panama. In addition, LLamasoft collaborated with the Inter-Agency Working
Group (a joint team from the WHO, United Nations, and World Bank) to develop a Logistics Module for the OneHealth Tool.

LLamasoft offers a full range of project support including:

  • Helping organizations validate specific supply chain operations policy decisions
  • Full staffing of supply chain and transportation network design projects
  • Analyzing existing supply chain data
  • Training public health employees to use LLamasoft programs and methodologies so that the organization can conduct strategic supply chain analyses on its own

LLamasoft experience in Africa and Latin America

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