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LLamasoft customers can access basic Data Services reference data for modeling use free of charge. Contact to get your free account.

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LLamasoft Data Services

Reference and Benchmark Data for Modeling

Data Services provides reference and benchmark data to LLamasoft customers and others in the supply chain design community for strategic supply chain modeling.

Data Services can help the supply chain design community:

  • Build models more quickly by providing easy access to reference data
  • Validate inputs and outputs against realistic standards and values
  • Interpret the benefits of future state scenarios

How Do I Access Data Services?

Users will access Data Services through the Supply Chain Guru cloud and through LLamasoft Data Guru. Users can query data through one-at-a-time and batch look-ups of data in different categories. The source data is a combination of:

  • Reference/benchmark data collected from third parties and residing on the Supply Chain Guru cloud
  • Econometric models/formulas
  • Pass-thru of third-party data via APIs


The Data Sets Include:

  • Mode-specific transportation costs
  • Mode-specific transportation transit times
  • Facilities cost estimates (rent, labor, etc.)
  • Demographics
  • Risk metrics
  • Duties and taxes
  • Sustainability metrics
  • General business metrics and benchmarks

How Can I Use Data Services?

  • Estimate the freight rate to ship a dry van, reefer or flatbed anywhere within the continental United States
  • Quickly predict the less-than-truckload (LTL) price range for any freight class and weight break within the continental United States
  • Identify ocean container benchmark service contract rates between any two ports for any container size
  • Look up the parcel benchmark service contract rate within the United States for UPS and FedEx for any of their services
  • Calculate a benchmark intermodal charge between rail ramps for BNSF, CSX, Norfolk Southern and Union Pacific
  • Quickly identify and precisely geocode key logistics sites such as cargo airports, container ports and intermodal rail hubs
  • Use state and country geographic and population centroids to aggregate Sites

Free One-Hour Data Assessment Workshop

  • Assess your modeling data
  • Identify gaps in your data resources for future-state scenarios
  • Determine which Data Services modules can fill gaps in your models
  • Find out which Data Services subscription is best for you

Contact to schedule your workshop.

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