Inventory Optimization with Supply Chain Guru

Video Transcript

Do you struggle with either too much inventory or regular stock-outs?

Without a holistic view of inventory, it’s often difficult to identify the correct inventory levels and maintaining or improving service goals.

You may be lacking a dependable way to determine inventory levels and placement by simultaneously considering all echelons in your supply chain.

Without a quick, low-risk way to test inventory policy changes, you’re stuck manually readjusting inventory targets to try to meet customer service expectations often tying up more working capital than what’s needed.

LLamasoft Supply Chain Guru is the only supply chain design platform with integrated multi-echelon inventory optimization that determines your holistic inventory strategy for both existing and future states of your supply chain.

Because Supply Chain Guru considers all the interdependent parts of your complex supply chain network, including sourcing, production, warehousing, and transportation, you can easily understand how other changes in the supply chain affect your inventory strategy.

Answer holistic supply chain questions considering the impact on various types of inventory to build, explore, and test dependable, repeatable inventory optimization process for your business,  across multiple what-if scenarios, all in a single platform.

By better understanding and classifying consumer demand and service level mix, you can identify the right safety stock targets across all tiers of your supply chain and meet customer and company goals.

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