On-Demand Webinar

Introducing Planning by Design:
Make Your Existing Planning Solution Better with New Model-Based Apps Approach

You want to enhance your planning business processes, but implementing upgrades into your planning systems could take months or even years! Or perhaps you already use advanced analytics and optimization to tackle planning problems and want to take it to the next level. A disruptive new technology is enabling supply chain experts to make better decisions, faster, and with more collaboration. LLamasoft has developed a way to deliver advanced optimization and analytics engines into the hands of parties all across your supply chain, in order to enable traditional design-type decisions in a fast-moving planning environment. We call this Planning by Design.

Watch to learn how you can:

  • Design planning solutions to address your unresolved planning problems
  • Complement your existing planning systems
  • Build a point solution at a fraction of the cost of modifying traditional planning systems
  • Rapidly deploy to business users
  • Save time, money, and expedite complex decision-making

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