Optimiza eLearning

Introducing our New Optimiza Online Training Modules

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Optimiza eLearning

Introducing our new online training modules.

Beyond software training

Inventory management is critical to delivering high availability at optimum cost to your organisation. Optimiza is the industry leading software in this field, but when it comes to empowering your teams to leverage the benefits, functional training is not the full solution. In fact ensuring that Optimiza users also have a solid understanding of inventory management fundamentals is proven to deliver greater results.

We recommend that all inventory planning professionals have been introduced to core methodology & concepts including:

  • The importance of inventory classification
  • Demand planning & where forecast review can add value
  • Inventory policy & replenishment setting decisions
  • Interpretation of inventory status & inventory projections
  • Inventory KPIs & evaluation of performance
  • Inventory process workflows

Enhanced learning

eLearning is the ideal vehicle for this type of conceptual training because it delivers consistently & efficiently, whilst catering to a wide range of experience levels – from individuals simply requiring a refresher through to those new in an inventory management role.

Our visually engaging, highly interactive modules are designed by subject specialists, and are proven to enhance learning by:

  • Allowing users to repeat sections & return to modules for refresher training
  • Utilising interactive tasks, exercises & knowledge checks
  • Building confidence to interact with the software (in simulation mode)
  • Catering to different learning styles


Our virtual courses can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection, allowing learners to work at their own pace, and at a convenient time and place.

And because the courses are supported via our Llama Learning Centre, a structured pathway is provided making it is easy to track progress.

Each module also includes:

  • Full transcripts for ESL & hearing impaired learners
  • Downloadable resource documents

Cost effective

Attendance of classroom training can be quite a challenge, particularly where your organisation has large teams of planners across multiple locations in busy operational roles.

Our virtual modules provide the means to reduce classroom training by pre-equipping all learners with the necessary context & conceptual understanding. Thus improving the focus which can be achieved in subsequent instructor-led functional/process training.

The cost benefits are clear, in fact our Optimiza elearning material covers all the concepts offered in our 1day open methodology course (priced at £750 per delegate) at a fraction of the cost.

By opting for our ‘enhanced maintenance’ program each licensed user will receive a Llama Learning Centre account with:

  • Unlimited access to all Optimiza virtual learning material
  • Access to all LLamasoft courses

For more information and for a free trial contact your LLamasoft Consultant.



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