Supply Chain Design & Optimization
for Military & Defense Operations

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The top priority for Military and Defense operations has long been to ensure materiel and people are in the right place at the right time. However, the world is a bit more complicated than that. The best route isn’t always the safest, and even our strongest allies can’t always be counted on. Furthermore, cost has become an increasingly important factor as fuel prices fluctuate and budget pressures mount.

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  • LLamasoft Provides Support to the United States Transportation Command (USTRANSCOM)

    LLamasoft currently has several people working fulltime under an ongoing contract with USTRANSCOM out of the Joint Distribution Process Analysis Center (JDPAC) at Scott AFB in Illinois. These LLamas work with USTRANSCOM logistics professionals to solve transportation and logistics problems using LLamasoft tools. They also provide subject matter expertise on using operations research, optimization and simulation technology, and commercial best practices to solve a variety of defense problems.

  • DLA Works With LLamasoft to Optimize Supply Chain Network and Inventory Levels

    The Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) is working with LLamasoft to optimize its logistics network. The focus of that work is the optimal placement of DLA distribution centers around the world followed by multi-echelon inventory optimization for safety stock placement. They are also creating a simulation model of the worldwide DLA distribution system that can be used to predict service levels and other performance factors.

  • DoD Worked With LLamasoft to Keep Materiel Flowing to Troops in Afghanistan

    Supporting the troops in Afghanistan was one of the most challenging logistics problems in modern military history. War-time shipments of cargo usually go by sea, but Afghanistan is a land-locked country with no port. This meant that the US Department of Defense must rely on partner countries to provide an overland route to access the theater of operations. For many years, the US relied on Pakistan for most of their access, with alternate supply lines through the north as a backup. Using Supply Chain Guru to build a network optimization flow model of the supplies flowing into Afghanistan, analysts could quantify the impact on both cost and travel lanes if the road route through Pakistan were to be closed, something that happened for approximately eight months in 2011-2012.

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Supply Chain Design & Optimization
for Military and Defense Operations

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