Logistics and 3PL Supply Chain Design Optimization Software

Design the Optimal Transportation Route, Inventory Levels and Distribution Locations

As a logistics or third-party logistics (3PL) provider, you must be able to rapidly convince potential clients that you can transform their supply chains—delivering exceptional control and service at the lowest cost. A focus on continuous process improvement using strategic modeling and logistics design can help you establish long-term client relationships.

LLamasoft provides software and expertise to help large organizations design and significantly improve their end-to-end supply chain network operations. LLamasoft® Supply Chain Guru® and LLamasoft® Transportation Guru® enable companies to model, optimize and simulate supply chain and transportation network operations, leading to major improvements in cost, service, sustainability and risk mitigation. Our logistics and 3PL customers often identify 10 to 20 percent cost savings while maintaining or improving customer service levels through strategic supply chain logistics design projects.

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  • “LLamasoft is making changes in how shippers see and talk about supply chain optimization.”

    –Vishwa Ram, Director Logistics Engineering,
    Penske Logistics

  • UTi Worldwide Inc., a leading provider of logistics, supply chain and transportation solutions has selected LLamasoft Supply Chain Guru for client network optimization and simulation.


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