Supply Chain Design Software for the Healthcare Industry

Create Successful Merger and Acquisition Strategies, Respond Rapidly to Changing Government Regulation and Manage Risk

For nearly 15 years, LLamasoft has provided software and expertise to help large healthcare organizations design and significantly improve their end-to-end supply chain network operations. LLamasoft® Supply Chain Guru® enables companies to model, optimize and analyze supply chain and transportation network operations, leading to major improvements in cost, service, sustainability and risk mitigation.

Use Modeling Technology for Successful Merger and Acquisition Strategy

M&A-road-routesMergers and acquisitions (M&A) in the healthcare industry are becoming more and more common place. With these mergers come many challenges. Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) present an incomparable number of options for the design of the new organization’s supply chain, so it’s not altogether surprising that so many of these projects fail to meet executive and shareholder expectations. Depending on which report you consult, M&A initiatives have a failure rate of anywhere between 50 and 85 percent! Supply chain design technology enables healthcare companies to model their supply chains, evaluate alternatives, optimize the network structure and simulate multiple scenarios in order to predict the resulting operational performance of the merged organizations. There are opportunities to leverage modeling across all stages and types of M&A activity, including: Pre-Merger, Post-Merger and Divestiture/Spin-O

Supply chain design models include all of the potential inter-related operations and incorporate time and variability for precise strategy and operational planning. Using modeling technology, companies can determine how to best manage customer and product overlaps, new products and merging transportation networks

Design Healthcare Supply Chains to Respond Rapidly to Changing Government Regulation

New government legislation and increasing regulation is rampant not only in the United States but around the world. Every country’s regulations are different, and what works in one country may not work at all in another. Supply Chain Guru offers powerful multiple scenario analysis within a single model database with the ability to adjust any combination of key cost or model elements. Use scenario analysis to understand how your company’s supply chain will react to new legislation and gauge your readiness to enter new geographies.

Supply Chain Design for Managing Risk in the Healthcare Industry

From understanding exactly how much each product costs to contingency planning, LLamasoft has enabled some of the world’s leading healthcare companies to turn common industry challenges into a source of competitive advantage.

Cost-to-serve: What is the real cost to meet my customers’ needs? With fewer new “breakthrough” healthcare products hitting the shelves and narrower margins, now is the time to uncover inefficiencies in the existing supply chain and optimize for improved performance. LLamasoft enables businesses to quantify and analyze all supply chain activities and costs incurred to fulfill a customer’s product demand by modeling all the supply chain activities in the network and properly allocating fixed and variable costs.

New product introductions: How do we determine the best geographies and timing? Healthcare companies are continually introducing new products and opening new regions for sales and distribution. Through demand analysis and network optimization, LLamasoft can help determine the optimal launch plan.

Supply chain risk management and contingency planning: LLamasoft modeling technology enables companies to mitigate risk by visualizing current inefficiencies, analyzing the impact of changes to the supply chain through scenario analysis, and being able to react quickly and intelligently to unplanned events such as fires or floods. Built-in global risk indices help companies understand and predict the likelihood of supply chain disturbances.

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