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Get in the Game for Supply Chain Learning

By Allison Fowler  September 6, 2017

A Multi-Dimensional Supply Chain Challenge

Much has been written about the generational change happening in the supply chain industry as baby-boomers pass the baton to the next generation of supply chain practitioners—Gen X, Y and Millennials.  But when you overlay the generational shift against the equally formidable task of balancing supply chain metrics in systems with increasingly nonlinear relationships, the challenge can seem overwhelming. Businesses are struggling to effectively package up all the knowledge of current workforce to equip the talent that will shape the supply chain of tomorrow, but also bring the business together to better understand and apply “out-side in”, demand-driven metrics. Businesses need a new, hands-on way to collaborate, share knowledge and discover how organizational alignment is critical to taking advantage of supply chain opportunities while mitigating risk. Supply Chain Insights set about to address this need, and proposed that creating a new learning game would be an excellent solution.

Gamification is an experiential learning technique that can be successfully harnessed to pass that knowledge on, for people coming into supply chain from other business functions, or entering the workforce for the first time. Supply Chain Insights chose LLamasoft Planning by Design and simulation technology to architect a unique ‘game’ that demonstrates how shared knowledge and unified collaboration drives better decision-making across the stakeholders in the supply chain.

How Does the Game Work?

Two teams of five people face off to see which team can maximize supply chain performance on the balance sheet through S&OP (Sales & Operations Planning) decisions. The game is played in multiple rounds of 45 minutes each. In each iteration, the teams analyze the current state of business and see the impact of their decisions. A facilitated discussion of team insights follows the end of game play.

Getting your Own Team in the Game

We’re thrilled to be a part of this game and encourage you to get more information if you’re interested in an effective, fun method for your teams to work together to understand the business impact of decisions made at different points in a complex supply chain, and visualize the metrics influenced using LLamasoft Planning by Design technology. You can check out the game at this week’s Supply Chain Insights Global Summit at The InterContinental in Buckhead Atlanta, or visit https://supplychaininsights.com/sci-impact-game/.