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Event Recap: Demand Guru Customer Launch with Gartner

By Sarah Leitz  November 8, 2017

On October 17, with the help of a lot of hard work and customer feedback, we launched our newest product: Demand Guru. To celebrate we invited a few of our customers to join us on October 24 for a two-day event. The event included early adopters from global customers that heard insights and observations on the demand modeling market from featured guest Kamala Raman, Principal Research Analyst, Gartner; shared use cases, got an in-depth view of the product and helped guide our roadmap!

The event kicked off with a full day of discussing demand modeling challenges our customers face and how Demand Guru can help companies go beyond traditional forecasting with exploratory demand modeling for confidence in their strategic and tactical decision-making.

We closed out the event with a few of our customers presenting some of their use cases, like the ones below, and then having a great discussion with Kamala Raman on how demand modeling can be a huge value add for what companies are already doing today with supply chain design and also as a part of their planning processes.

Why is Demand Modeling Important?

The bulk of the discussions focused on the business challenges our customers currently with their demand operations and the ripple effects they can have within the organization. With volatile consumer demand it can be difficult to get ahead of the game and enable a more agile business and confidence in your business decisions. An inaccurate understanding of your demand makes it vitually impossible to create a robust supply chain design for the future as well. Using Demand Guru, you can go beyond traditional forecasting with exploratory demand modeling for confidence in your strategic and tactical decision-making. Demand Guru is a visually interactive demand modeling tool that takes your supply chain design activities to the next level. It enables supply chain designers & analysts and other users to visually explore key drivers of demand, test alternative demand scenarios and sensitivities, and access external time series data that influences demand from the Data Cube-without the need for a deep statistical background. Demand Guru provides analytical capabilities powered by machine learning algorithms to accurately model and investigate future demand as part of a comprehensive supply chain design platform.

Want to learn more? Click here to watch our on-demand launch webinar to learn more about how Demand Guru can elevate your supply chain.